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Rescue, Restore, Reuse with a Nail Puller

Rescue, Restore, Reuse with a Nail Puller

Photo Credit: Hultafor  

Whether removing nails to repurpose the wood, or to be safe, this cool tool is essential!

By Braxten Breen Intern

There are many chores on the farm that need to be tackled, sometimes those involve renovating, constructing, or completing a salvage project, where nails need to be removed, usually from wood.

Nails are a common tool in everyday use for a farmer, but what happens when you need to remove the nails to be able to re-use the wood?  It’s not uncommon for a nail to get stuck in wood where even your hammer can’t even get it out. That is when a farmer can grab this cool Hultafors Nail Puller from their tool shed.

A hammer and a red toolA nail puller might be small, but it sure is mighty with its ability to pull out a 5-inch nail with or without the head.

This Hultafors Nail Puller is equipped with an adjustable screw on top, along with a screw on back for narrow spaces.

If you’re out salvaging materials, constructing projects, or just see a nail sticking out of the fence that is unsafe, simply take out your nail remover and detach the nail in seconds. The Hultafor Nail Puller is a great tool to have in your line-up of handy tools.

To get a better idea of the Hultafor Nail Puller, see the video below.

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