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Saskatchewan Farmers can take advantage of Agricultural Waste Disposal Program

Improper disposal of agricultural waste can have negative impacts on the quality of water

CleanFARMS will be working in Saskatchewan to remove agricultural waste products -- free for farmers. Products may include unwanted or outdated pesticides and equine/ livestock medications. The service will be running from October 27, 2014 until October 31.

CleanFarms is an organization that has dedicated itself to the safe removal of agricultural waste that may be present on farms. It is dedicated to waste removal and management throughout Canada and has received recognition from around the world for its reputation of excellence. The organization has worked with provinces, municipalities, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and farmers over the past two decades to develop programs for agricultural environmental responsibility. In the next few weeks, CleanFARMS is working with CropLife Canada as well as the Canadian Animal Health Institute to give farmers the opportunity to dispose of products in a safe and convenient method.

Improper disposal of agricultural waste can have negative impacts on the quality of water in surrounding areas, which can have adverse effects on human and animal consumption of water. The products themselves and their containers also pose significant risk if they are improperly disposed of in landfills or left on farms. If leakage occurs, there can be a serious risk to the immediate well-being of livestock and detrimental consequences on soil quality.

CleanFarms provides a free service for farmers so they can preserve their lands and continue to feed our cities in a safe and sustainable method.

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