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SaskCanola launches new service

SaskCanola launches new service

The text service helps farmers stay informed about markets and what the organization is doing

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Saskatchewan ag organization has launched a new communication service to keep farmers informed about how it is working for producers.

SaskCanola’s new interactive texting service provides farmers with real-time and customized updates.

Farmers can subscribe to the service by texting the word SASKCANOLA to 1-877-241-7044.

“Our intention with launching this new texting service is to provide farmers with timely information that empowers them to make informed decisions to optimize their farm businesses,” Tracy Broughton, executive director of SaskCanola, said in an Oct. 10 statement.

Subscribers can expect to receive about 10 messages per month.

Producers who take advantage of this service will receive a weekly oilseeds market report from Marlene Boersch, Canola Watch, the organization’s weekly (during the growing season) production newsletter, plus event and other updates.

In addition, farmers can use the service to engage directly with SaskCanola reps.

Farmers looking for additional ways to stay informed about what’s going on in the ag sector can try visiting the Apps pages.

This directory includes multiple apps for weather, livestock, machinery and more.

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