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Some farmers worry over southwestern Ontario’s high-speed rail line proposal

Some farmers worry over southwestern Ontario’s high-speed rail line proposal
Aug 24, 2017
By Kaitlynn Anderson

Increased emergency response times and difficulty working fields among concerns

By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


Ontarians have mixed feelings on the proposed high-speed rail line between Toronto and Windsor, and some farmers want to ensure that their concerns don’t go unheard.

Tomorrow, Harold Bickle, an East-Zorra Tavistock farmer, will host a meeting for residents of Oxford and Middlesex Counties who are concerned about the proposal, according to the Woodstock Sentinel Review.

There are many benefits to the rail plan, according to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

“Whether it means accepting a job that previously seemed too far away, visiting family more often or having ready access to the innovators who can take your business growth to the next level — high-speed rail will make a real difference in people’s lives and drive economic growth and jobs,” she said to the Toronto Star in May.

However, some Ontarians argue that they will only see consequences, rather than benefits, from the new method of transportation.

For example, some farmers worry that the proposed line may divide properties in half, creating difficulties in working and draining the farmland, according to the Review.

Some rural residents also worry that, with rail lines cutting off concessions, response times for emergency services will be increase.

While some rural Ontarians highlight the negative consequences of such infrastructure, they also note that they aren’t in opposition to the existence of high-speed rail.

“We’re not against going forward — that’s progress,” Bickle said to the Review. “We just say put it where it is best for all of Ontario.”

Phase one, connecting Toronto to London, is planned to be completed by 2025. Phase two, which consists of expanding the line to connect London to Windsor, is planned to be completed by 2031.

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