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Syngenta brings new corn and soybean seed treatment to market

Syngenta brings new corn and soybean seed treatment to market

Vayantis will be available for the 2022 planting season

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canadian corn and soybean producers will have a new crop protection tool available to them for the 2022 planting season.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency approved Syngenta’s new seed treatment, Vayantis, on July 30.

The product contains picarbutrazox, a new active ingredient designed to control Pythium and Phytophthora.

“This new chemical and mode of action is very effective at low use rates,” Karen Ullman, seedcare product lead with Syngenta Canada, told “It’s very effective on all Pythium species and is compatible with other Seedcare products.”

Picarbutrazox also has no known cross-resistance.

“With Pythium we’ve seen some insensitivity to existing chemistries like ethaboxam Ullman said. “We haven’t seen that with this active ingredient and it’s another tool farmers can use to protect their crops.”

Syngenta will offer Vayantis in two applications.

For soybean growers, Vayantis will be available as part of the Vayantis IV co-pack.

This co-pack combines picarbutrazox with sedaxane, metalaxyl-M & S-isomer and fludioxonil for protection against Phytophthora and other early-season diseases including Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

Vayantis IV may also be tank mixed with other products.

For corn producers, they can purchase the seed treatment as a standalone product. Producers can tank mix it with other products.

Syngenta has performed field trials with Vayantis over the last few years.

Results indicate the seed treatment is doing a good job of protecting seedlings, Ullman said.

“It’s going back to basics and getting that stand established,” she said. “In both corn and soybeans, we’ve been seeing a bump in yield. Corn and soybean farmers are planting earlier in the season, into cool and wet conditions, and that’s where Vayantis comes into play and gets the crop off to a good start.”

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