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The ’Grass Gals’ will attempt to set a Guinness record for silage harvesting on Saturday

The ’Grass Gals’ will attempt to set a Guinness record for silage harvesting on Saturday

About 40 women will participate

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

A Guinness world record for silage harvesting could be set in Mount Melleray Abbey in Waterford, Ireland, by the time the weekend is over.

A group of about 40 women, including farmers and one nun who manages the 200 acre farm at her monastery, will attempt to set a record for the fastest time to harvest 30 acres of silage.

“There will be plenty of stewards around but there can’t be anyone on the tractor with the woman who is taking part,” John O’Brien, the event’s organizer, told Agriland on July 8.

“They must bring their own equipment – whatever they are comfortable with – and solely operate the machinery.”

Currently, no such record exists.

The women will attempt the record during the Mount Melleray Community Silage Weekend. All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

The event also shows the pivotal role that Irish women play in the country’s agricultural industry.

“Many women are very active in the farming community but their work is unrecognised,” O’Brien told Agriland on July 8. “We felt it should be recognised and this year’s female challenge has taken off dramatically.”

And the participants are looking forward to hopefully bringing their passion for farming into the Guinness world record books.

“I have always been machinery mad,” Kathleen Denn, who will operate a harvester during the event, told Agriland on July 30. “Once I turned 16, sports were forgotten about and I just wanted to concentrate on farming and machinery.”

Of course, a little help from Mother Nature could make the record attempt go a bit smoother.

“Please God, the weather will stay good,” Alison De Vere Hunt, who will drive a CLAAS tractor during the event, told the Tipperary Star on July 18.

The all-women machinery operators will also be supported by an all-women team of mechanics.

The Socket Rockets, who are known for rebuilding tractors in mere minutes, will be in attendance to help out with any machinery issues and perform a tractor rebuilding demonstration.

Top photo: Kathleen Denn/Agriland

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