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Topigs Norsvin opens new Delta Norway facility

Topigs Norsvin opens new Delta Norway facility

The new boar test and research centre in Norway is part of Topigs Norsvin’s plan to upgrade its breeding research.

By Andrew Joseph,; Photo courtesy of Topigs Norsvin

With a snip of the scissors, on June 14, 2024, Topigs Norsvin officially opened its new boar test and research centre in Delta Norway.

The company called its Delta Norway facility the final element of a strategic plan to upgrade its breeding structure, a plan that began eight years ago.

Other important steps in this plan were centralizing the nucleus breeding of the Z-line and TN Tempo in Canada and building Delta Canada and Innova Canada.

Innovations and an infrastructure designed for large-scale data capture at Delta Norway will significantly boost the Topigs Norsvin genetic program. For example, camera technology and sensors to observe pigs will make it possible to select new traits that improve animal welfare and social behaviour.

The Delta Norway facility will test 5,000 young TN Duroc and Norsvin Landrace boars per year—2,000 animals more than at the current Delta Norway test station. The current facility is going to be converted into a unit to house boars for export.

The increased capacity of the test station will mean more animals with high genetic value will become available to meet the growing demand for Topigs Norsvin genetics worldwide.

The increased testing capacity and new technologies will accelerate genetic progress. The facility will increase genetic progress by an extra ten percent, especially in feed efficiency and daily gain.

This means less feed is needed, less land is used, and fewer greenhouse gases are emitted when producing pork. With the millions of Topigs Norsvin pigs in the world, this will lead to a substantial reduction in negative environmental impact.

Swine genetics company Topigs Norsvin is renowned for its innovative approach to implementing new technologies and its continuous focus on cost-efficient and sustainable pig production. Research, innovation, and the dissemination of genetic improvements are the cornerstones of the company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve significant added value in their production.

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