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Two Decades of Lifting Innovation - Manulift and Merlo Celebrate Partnership


Manulift, a leading Canadian distributor of telehandlers, and Merlo, an Italian manufacturer, are celebrating two decades of working together. Their partnership has been instrumental in bringing innovative telehandler solutions to the construction, agriculture, mining, and industrial sectors. 

Telehandlers are versatile machines that combine the lifting power of a crane with the maneuverability of a forklift. Manulift and Merlo's focus on research and development has resulted in advancements that benefit farmers and construction companies alike. 

"Our shared commitment to innovation has been key to our success," said Martin Drolet, President of Manulift. This dedication is reflected in their significant investment in research and development, ensuring their telehandlers are at the forefront of technology. 

The collaboration extends beyond product development. Manulift's expertise and Merlo's manufacturing prowess create a powerful combination. They share knowledge and continuously reinvest in their products, services, and dealer networks. 

"This partnership has been essential for our growth," said Paolo Merlo, President of Merlo. Together, they can cater to the specific needs of their customers in various industries. 

Looking ahead, Manulift and Merlo remain committed to providing high-quality equipment and exceptional service. Their focus on innovation ensures they will continue to be leaders in the telehandler industry for years to come. 

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