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U.S. Farm Bill Has Implications for Canadian Agriculture

Farm Bill 2013 Developments Impact Canada

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The U.S. Farm Bill should be a topic that the Canadian agri-food sector should be playing close attention to, especially with the recent developments of a newly passed piece of legislation to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ in the United States. The legislation that was passed included an extension to the 2008 Farm Bill.

While the extension of the 2008 Farm Bill provides some direction over the next few months ahead, it also means that there is a new opportunity to examine the farm policy process that will work towards the 2013 Farm Bill that will set the tone for the next five years.

One of Canada`s leading agricultural think-tanks released a report entitled “US Farm Bill Developments in 2013 and Implications for Canada’s Agri-Food Sector” which brings to light some of the uncertainties on how the extension of the 2008 Farm Bill will impact Canada`s agri-food and agriculture sectors.

The Farm Bill impacts the effectiveness of Canadian agricultural programs such as the implementation of Growing Forward II. Monitoring U.S. agriculture policy decisions should be a priority for Canada Ag in 2013.

The full report can be found on the George Morris Centre website.


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