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U.S. farmer sentiment brightens in May

Price increases and planting progress boost morale


In May, the Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer climbed to 108, signaling increased optimism among U.S. farmers.

This uptick, driven by improvements in both the Index of Future Expectations and the Current Conditions Index, reflects positive sentiments among agricultural producers.

One contributing factor to this improved outlook is the rise in crop prices. By mid-May, cash corn prices in the Eastern Corn Belt had increased by 6% to 7%, while soybean prices had risen by 2% to 3% since April.

These price gains, coupled with favorable planting progress for corn and soybeans, likely bolstered farmer confidence.

The May 2024 Ag Economy Barometer survey, conducted from May 13-17, provided valuable insights into farmers' views on the agricultural economy.

 Purdue ag economists James Mintert and Michael Langemeier discussed the survey findings on a Purdue Commercial AgCast episode, offering analysis on the factors contributing to the uplift in farmer sentiment.

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