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USDA seeks committee members - Urban agriculture expertise needed


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is calling on individuals with expertise in urban agriculture and related fields to join its Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production Committee. This committee plays a crucial role in advising the USDA on policies and programs that support urban farming and innovative agricultural practices.

"The committee provides invaluable guidance on how to best serve urban farmers and communities," said Terry Cosby, head of the USDA's Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. "New members with expertise in areas like innovative production, education, and supply chains will be instrumental in shaping the future of urban agriculture."

The USDA is currently seeking nominations for four specific positions: 

  1. An urban farmer who utilizes innovative technologies in their production methods. 

  1. A representative from a university or extension program with a focus on agriculture education. 

  1. A professional with experience in the agricultural supply chain, such as those working in food aggregation, wholesale distribution, food hubs, or direct-to-consumer marketing.

An individual with knowledge of emerging agricultural practices, particularly those suited for urban settings, indoor environments, or other non-traditional methods.

Nominations can be submitted by individuals or organizations and should include a background form, a statement outlining the nominee's qualifications for a specific position, a resume, and any relevant publications or letters of recommendation.

The deadline for nominations is July 7, 2024. This is a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute their expertise and help shape the future of urban agriculture in the United States.

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