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Will the New Blackberry-10 Be More User Friendly For Farmers?

Is the Enhancement of More Available Apps an Attractive feature for Your Farming Business?

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With the number of smart phone apps designed for farmers and agriculture professionals, it’s no surprise that smart phones are playing an increasingly more important role in agriculture. With the reveal of the new Blackberry-10, it will be interesting to see how many farmers switch to the new Blackberry smartphone. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to the different operating systems out there, one of the big disadvantages that Blackberry had compared to the other systems is the limited apps available for phones with Blackberry. One of the advantages or features that farmers and many ag-business professionals liked is the use of the keyboard compared to touch screen.

Key features of the new Blackberry-10:

1.Blackberry balance – allows users to separate professional communications and applications from personal ones

2.Blackberry hub – Apps have been integrated with the new hub feature

3.Intuitive aggregation of data – Pulls all connections into contacts such as email, last meeting – all without having to leave the hub

4.Blackberry follow – Allows moving in and out of an application with ease

5.Enhancements to Blackberry messenger – Will now include video and allowing users to move from chat to video. Another new feature will allow users to share screens.

6.BBM remember – helps organize content into folders

7.Story maker – a new app to aggregate content such as photos and videos into one stream. Users will now be able to create mini videos and share them on their various social networks

8.Thousands of apps – now there is over 70,000 apps available to users

9.Other features – users can “flick” words with a finger and enhancements on the picture editor

The new Blackberry-10 platform will be available in both Q10 and Z10 – one being a touch screen while the other one has a keyboard version.

Currently, the bulk of agricultural apps are designed to run on iPhone (Apple) and Android system (Google) while there has been limited apps available for phones with Blackberry and Windows formats. Do you use a smart phone for your farming business? If so what do you use and why? wants to hear from you!


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