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World Egg Day Encourages Consumers to ‘Get Cracking’

Oct. 12 Marks 2012 World Egg Day Celebration

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On the second Friday of every October since 1996, egg lovers from around the world have been celebrating World Egg Day. One of the primary objectives of egg day is to bring awareness about the nutritional benefits of eggs and getting consumers thinking about how eggs can play an important role in feeding people around the world.

The official World Egg Day website features fascinating facts, nutrition information and ideas about how one can celebrate egg day.  The following are three interesting facts about eggs:

1.Egg protein is full of amino acids that help build tissues and it’s only second to mother’s milk for human nutrition.
2.As a hen grows older she will lay larger eggs.
3.A large egg contains 70 calories and 5 grams of fat.

The official website makes the claim that eggs are “nature’s super food” and lists some of the ways that eggs can provide nutritional benefits for human health. The International Egg Commission is the main advocate for World Egg Day and is working on a number initiatives in developing countries around the world to provide eggs as a source of protein to help combat hunger.


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