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Nancy Lidster: Pig Handling - Defining Science

Nov 27, 2012

Source: DNL farms ltd

A Google search of “Scientific Method” produced several pages including one containing this schematic:

Scientific Method Schematic
The label, ”Scientific Method” implies that it is only used by researchers and academics.
Not so.
This systematic approach is used informally, every day, by people in all walks of life, to answer questions and solve problems.
They observe. They wonder. They guess. They test. They observe again… through countless cycles to arrive at new  ways of understanding the world and new ways of doing things.
Low Stress Pig Handling follows the thought  process of the ”scientific method” to identify patterns in the interactions between people and pigs.      
We aren’t unique.

The Scientific Method is alive and well throughout the swine industry: sometimes leading to new innovations: sometimes to standardization: sometimes reaffirming traditional knowledge and old ways of doing things.

“Science Based” has become a mantra in the swine industry but somewhere over the years its meaning has been restricted to mean:

  • work done by people with credentials: PhD, DVM, MSc
  • papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals
  • questions for which someone is willing to pay for answers

This narrow definition of ”Science Based” often chooses to ignore or disdain knowledge that arises outside the research and academic communities.
This is unfortunate.

The swine industry has benefited greatly from works of the academic and research communities. Both academia and the swine industry in general stand to lose a great deal if “Science Based” prevents us from tapping into the creativity, passion, and traditional knowledge held by people at all levels throughout the swine industry.

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Nancy Lidster  

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