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2020 Wine Grape Price Agreement

Niagara – The Grape Growers of Ontario, under unique circumstances, came to a consensus yesterday with Ontario’s wine processors on the 2020 wine grape prices. After a full day of negotiations, the Grape Growers of Ontario agreed to accept the processors final offer of an overall 1% increase.
“The moderate price increase reflects the current global situation and pandemic, and provides the opportunity for the industry to focus on our core business of growing and selling more 100% grown in Ontario wines,” said Matthias Oppenlaender, Chair, Grape Growers of Ontario.
"Price negotiations concluding with a small increase for growers recognizes the importance of working collaboratively. Our future is rooted in the pride of 100% Ontario grown wines," said Debbie Zimmerman, CEO, Grape Growers of Ontario. 
Ontario’s grape and wine industry is a significant economic driver of the provincial economy. Wine made of 100% Ontario grown grapes generates $98 in economic impact per bottle, and the industry contributes over $4.4 billion in economic impact through jobs, tourism and taxes, particularly in the province’s designated viticulture areas: Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County, Lake Erie North Shore, and the emerging South Coast region.
Source : Grape Growers of Ontario

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