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2022 Harvest Over 80 Percent Completion

The latest Alberta crop report says 77 percent of crops in the province are now in the bin.

As always, those numbers were compiled almost a week ago, so it's likely that number is approaching 85 percent at this point. The report says 100 percent of pulse crops are combined, whereas canola was only 46 percent combined. Provincially it said 87 percent of all crops were swathed or combined with an expected 10-year yield index of 107 and with grading expectations of the provincial wheat, barley, canola and pea crops ahead of 10-year averages.

For farmers that are done, the showers that rolled through some regions on Friday night were certainly welcome. The central region's surface soil moisture conditions are rated as 7 percent poor, 42 percent fair, 46 percent good and four percent excellent.

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