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A Look at the New John Deere XUV835, XUV865, HPX615E, and HPX815E Gators
At the end of August 2017, John Deere introduced a number of new additions to the Gator™ family. The new models are the XUV835, XUV865, HPX615E, and HPX815E.
The John Deere HPX615E and HPX815E Gators are ideal for those that work on construction sites or farms where superior hauling and handling are a necessity. The XUV835 and XUV865 models are meant to provide all-day comfort regardless of the conditions or tasks at hand.
Let’s take a closer look at each of the new Gator models and what customers will get should they choose to make an investment.

The HPX615E is powered by a two-cylinder gas engine that produces 20 hp and comes standard with four-wheel drive as well as a pickup-style tailgate and real dumping cargo box. The cargo box comes with 16.4 cu. ft. and 1,000 lbs. of storage capacity. Other features include a high-back bucket seat heavy-duty suspension and a precision-engineered drive system.

The HPX815E hosts a number of the same features as the HPX615E, but it boasts a three-cylinder, four-cycle diesel engine that produces 18.2 hp. Both the HPX815E and HPX615E feature sleek styling and 1000-lb. cargo capacity, 1300-lb. towing capacity and 1400-lb. (635 kg) payload capacity, and can travel at speeds up to 25 mph.

The XUV835R includes a three-person cockpit, power steering for enhanced maneuverability, LED lights for work before or after the sun is lighting the sky, and heat and A/C to provide year-round comfort. Powered by a gas engine that produces 54 hp, this Gator can reach speeds that exceed 45 mph. Also, with an 11-gallon fuel tank, operators can keep the machine running for a lengthy period of time between tank refills.

The XUV865R includes many of the same standard features as the XUV835R, but it is powered by a diesel engine that provides 22.8 hp and a top speed exceeding 30 mph. With a towing capacity of up to 2000 lb. and 16 gallons of storage, operators of the XUV835R and XUV865R can haul more material in less time. And, as always, operators can bring their Gator’s efficiency to even greater heights with a full range of more than 90 available attachments.
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