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A partnership between Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot now resulting in lower prices for Canadian livestock producers.

CAMBRIDGE, ON - A partnership made between Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot in 2023, is now resulting in reduced costs which are being passed onto livestock producers through lower retail prices. The companies, which are known for bringing innovation and top tier products to Canadian livestock producers, have merged operations resulting in less warehouse cost required and more efficient ocean freight. However, the most significant savings comes from the manufacturing of Schippers top global hygiene products to Canadian soil, making them here locally. 

This eliminates international shipping altogether while at the same time boosts local economies. Farmers Depot reflected these better costs by lowering retail prices on starting February 2024. Key highlights of the partnership include: Lower Costs: By bringing production to Canada and eliminating a layer of distribution, Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot have passed on cost savings directly to customers. 

This translates into better pricing, improved delivery times, and enhanced customer service. Local Canadian Manufacturing: Over half of Schippers' core products will now be produced in Canada, ensuring more consistent pricing in the market, and enabling the rollback of prices on key items. Expanded Reach: The partnership has resulted in a network of 8 locations nationwide, positioning Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot as Canada’s one-stop shop for all livestock products. Farmers Depot’s free shipping options makes these sought-after hygiene products more accessible than ever. 

Expert Support: The alliance brings a team of 10 on-farm HyCare (hygiene) specialists and 3 HyCare Coaches dedicated to delivering innovative animal health and biosecurity solutions to individual farms across Canada. In a joint statement, Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot expressed their dedication to providing practical on-farm support to help livestock producers succeed in today's environment. This strategic alliance reaffirms their commitment to driving innovation and affordability in the agricultural sector. "We are excited to embark on this journey with Farmers Depot and bring tangible benefits to our valued customers," said Mark Schippers, CEO of The Schippers Group. 

"Together, we are stronger, more efficient, and better equipped to meet the evolving needs of modern farmers." With a collective experience of over 120 years, The Schippers Group and GVF Group of Companies (the parent company of Farmers Depot) share a heritage of family ownership and a dedication to providing farmers with value-driven solutions. “It is great to see the positive impact of two multi-generational family businesses working closely together with farming families across Canada in the production of high quality, safe and sustainable meat, milk and eggs” said Ian Ross, CEO of the GVF Group of Companies. 

“It has been wonderful to witness the collaboration of the Farmers Depot team and Schippers Canada team resulting in more cost-efficient production, and distribution costs for Schippers MS Gold products which is now allowing for cost reductions of this excellent portfolio of products for Canadian producers.” The partnership between Schippers Canada and Farmers Depot represents a significant step forward in the quest to deliver excellence and affordability to the agricultural community. As the industry continues to evolve, both companies remain steadfast in their mission to empower farmers and ensure their continued success.

Source : Schipper

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