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Acuity Exports First Post-ASF Pigs to Zhaoqing McKabo Animal Husbandry Co.

CARLYLE, ILLINOIS — Through the coordinating efforts of Clayton Agri-market, Acuity Genetics participated in an export to Zhaoqing McKabo Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. This is the first shipment of pigs from Acuity since U.S. exports to China reopened, post African Swine Fever.
The first Acuity shipment included 451 gilts and 18 boars representing Acuity Yorkshire, Duroc, and Landrace breeding stock. The pigs were loaded in Chicago and transported to Guangzhou International Airport located in Qingyuan City within Guangdong Province. The receiver, Zhaoqing McKabo Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., will use Acuity’s shipment to produce breeding stock for local farmers. 
“We believe this successful shipment will give Chinese producers an introduction to Acuity’s genetics, breeding program and the quality of our service and support team in China,” said Dr. Mike Lemmon, Director, International Programs.. “Based on that quality genetic offer and support, we know Acuity will continue to expand as a viable genetic option. We have invested in building an infrastructure capable of delivering both large and small orders of pigs to Chinese customers.” 
Acuity’s performance-based portfolio and comprehensive industry expertise provides a reliable commercial breeding program that guides research, development and validation. From fertility to harvest, Acuity’s systems are built to provide a competitive advantage: production-tested data and system-driven goals.
Source : AcuitySwine

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