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AFS Connect Vehicle Tracking and Geofencing

AFS Connect Vehicle Tracking and Geofencing

Keeping track of every last tractor in your fields can be a challenge — especially when an operator is using equipment outside of designated times and spaces. Fortunately, new AFS Connect features now allow producers to track vehicle movements, set geofence boundaries and implement machine curfews to ensure your equipment is used properly and efficiently.

24-hour vehicle history offers better tracking

Thanks to updated features, the Case IH AFS Connect Farm web portal now includes past location history for your fleet, giving you a visual representation of the location of vehicles for any 24-hour period in the last 90 days. Intuitive time sliders allow you to zero in on movement and machine patterns for even smaller increments of time — down to minutes and hours — allowing you to inspect vehicle operation in even greater detail when necessary. 

More than a simple tracking feature, you’ll have the capability to understand how your equipment is being operated, providing you with insights that can help improve vehicle routes for greater efficiency.

Geofence rules establish field boundaries

Inefficiency starts with unclear boundaries. Operators taking paths outside your designated fields can slow down your entire operation — which is why new Geofence Boundary rules through AFS Connect give you the power to set clear operation areas to monitor vehicle activities for your entire team.

Update boundaries with the click of a button, drawing new areas or updating existing fields depending on your specific needs. Once your geofenced areas are established, you’ll receive notification reports when vehicles enter or exit your parameters with real-time updates. This feature will let you know when an operator started or finished a field so you can plan your next move accordingly.

Curfew rules create consistent operating hours

In addition to geofence rules, AFS Connect now offers Geofence Boundaries with Curfew rules. Curfew rules help you set operating windows for your equipment so you can keep track of when vehicles are operating past designated hours. Curfew rules can be set to 15-minute increments, giving you flexibility to determine how long equipment should remain in the field.

Like Geofence Boundaries, Curfew parameters will now send reports of any rule violations to both your web and mobile applications. Intuitive push notifications immediately alert you to the affected machine, its location, and the time of the trigger.

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