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Alberta Farmers Reporting Above Average Yield, Quality

The trend of above average yields and quality for Alberta crops continued in this week’s crop report, the Sept. 20 provincial crop report said. Eighty-seven per cent of all crops were swathed or combined with an expected 10-year yield index of 107 and with grading expectations of the provincial wheat, barley, canola, and pea crops ahead of 10-year averages.

The report noted 77 per cent of all provincial crops have been combined, which is ahead of the 10-year average of 53 per cent. This past week, the north east and north west made significant harvest progress with both increasing combine completion on major crops by 21 per cent through the week.

Across the province, combine completion on all crops is relatively unchanged year-over-year. Potatoes are the only crop significantly behind long-term averages for harvest completion, the report said.

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