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Alberta Seeding Nearing the Finish Line

Seeding operations in Alberta are drawing near to a close with 97 per cent of the crop in the ground, the May 30 provincial crop report said. This is slightly ahead of the five and 10-year averages and up from last week when 85 per cent of the crop was planted.

Seeding in the southern portion of the province is the furthest ahead with almost all of the crop planted. In the north east 98 per cent of the crop is seeded, the north west is at 97 per cent cent, central at 96 and Peace at 94 per cent complete. The report noted all regions are ahead of their five and 10-year averages, except for the central region which is only two per cent behind its five-year average.

Crop emergence is also ahead of the five-year average provincially, with 76 per cent of all crops peaking out of the ground across Alberta. At 90 per cent emerged for dry peas and 86 per cent for spring wheat, both crops are the furthest along for emergence of major crops, the report said. Oats are 67 per cent emerged and canola 67 per cent — both ahead of their five-year averages. Emergence in the south, central and north east regions are slightly ahead of the five-year averages while emergence in the north west and peace region are very far ahead of their five-year averages.

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