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Announcing the 2019 4-H Ontario Ambassadors

ROCKWOOD, ON – 4-H Ontario is proud to announce the selection of six new Ambassadors who will represent 4-H Ontario across the province in 2019. The  following six 4-H members were selected to fulfill this prestigious role: Christie Annett  (Lambton), Rose Danen (Perth), Allison French (Peel), Mel Karpenko (Peel), Michaella  Snyder (Waterloo) and Rebecca Stockdale (Peterborough). 
The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program provides youth with training in leadership,  citizenship, communications and public relations. The 4-H Ontario Ambassadors will  use these skills to recruit new members and share the 4-H story. Ambassadors will not  only attend 4-H Ontario events across the province, but also represent 4-H Ontario at  community events to promote the 4-H program. 
“The 4-H Ontario Ambassadors are an integral part to the promotion of 4-H to current  and potential volunteers, members and stakeholders by representing the program  across the province,” says Marianne Fallis, Senior Manager, Programming, 4-H  Ontario. “This year’s new team of Ambassadors will carry on the tradition of exceptional  youth who are passionate about sharing the many experiences and  opportunities the 4-H Ontario program has to offer.”
The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program is sponsored by FS. Since the program’s  inception in 2005, GROWMARK and the Ontario FS Co-operative System have  provided Ambassadors with this experience through sponsorship of the program. 
Read on below for a listing and bio of the 2019 Ambassadors
Christie Annett 
Christie is a 4-H member from the Lambton 4-H Association. In her 11 years as a 4-H  member, she has completed more than 26 projects, attended numerous 4-H Ontario  camps and been presented with many awards including Top Agriculture Member in  Lambton 4-H Association. Christie is proud to be a 4-H’er because she can’t imagine  her life without 4-H. She has developed valuable communication skills and learned how  to be a leader not just in 4-H, but throughout all aspects of her life. 
Rose Danen 
Rose Danen has been a 4-H member in the Perth 4-H Association for over nine years.  During this time, she has completed more than 22 projects and also participated in 4-H  Ontario’s Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp and Future Leaders In Action. Rose hopes  that during her time as an Ambassador she will be able to encourage new members to  join 4-H and existing members and volunteers to get more involved. She also hopes to  continue to “Learn To Do By Doing” and give back to an organization that has  transformed her life.
Allison French
Allison French has been a member of the Peel 4-H  Association for eight years and she has completed over 75 projects. Among the vast number of projects Allison has completed, she has also put her 4-H knowledge to great  success as she was the Provincial Go For The Gold Champion in 2016. Allison hopes  to inspire others to join 4-H and “Learn to Do By Doing” while she continues enhancing  her leadership skills through the 4-H Ontario Ambassador Program.
Mel Karpenko
Mel is a member of the Peel 4-H Association. Throughout her five years as a 4-H  member, some of her favourite projects include veterinary, cooking and baking clubs,  and Go For The Gold. Mel has attended Youth Adventure Camp, Provincial Leadership  Camp and was the 2018 Go For The Gold Champion. Her favourite aspects of 4-H are  meeting new people, trying new things and of course snacks. As a 2019 Ambassador,  Mel is looking forward to sharing her passion for 4-H with everyone she meets. 
Michaella Snyder
Michaella is in her 12th year of 4-H with the Waterloo 4-H Association. She has  completed over 90 projects and attended several other 4-H opportunities such as  Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Future Leaders in Action, Citizenship Congress and  the 4-H Global Networking Summit. Michaella is also now a volunteer in her association and is leading her own projects. Michaella is very excited to be one of the 2019 4-H  Ambassadors and have the opportunity to give back to the organization that has  shaped her into the person she is today. 
Rebecca Stockdale
Rebecca is from the Peterborough 4-H A ssociation and is in her 10th year of 4-H. Over this time, she has completed over 96 projects and participated in many other 4-H  opportunities including Youth Adventure Camp, a 4-H Club to Club Exchange to  Saskatchewan and Career Mania. Rebecca is most looking forward to being a 2019 4- H Ontario Ambassador to represent 4-H and have a positive influence on youth  throughout the province. The official 4-H Ontario announcement of the incoming  Ambassadors occurred February 23, 2019 at the Ambassador Reception in Guelph.  The new Ambassadors will now begin their roles for 2019 representing 4-H Ontario  across the province. 
To schedule a 4-H Ontario Ambassador for your next event please complete the  request form online here.
Source : 4-hontario

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