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B.C. offering more grants to help protect farms from extreme weather

The British Columbia government is offering grants to farmers and ranchers to help them protect the land from extreme weather.

The funds are coming from the Extreme Weather Preparedness for Agriculture program which provided over $1.4 million last summer to 129 projects in the poultry, dairy, beef, tree fruit, and berry sectors.

“Climate change and extreme weather pose an array of challenges for people throughout British Columbia, including our farmers, ranchers, and food producers,” said Pam Alexis, B.C.’s Minister of Agriculture and Food. “It is important that we support them with programs like this so they can be more resilient to the impacts of climate change and better protect their livelihoods while ensuring we have a stable, sustainable food supply.”

The grants can be for as much as $35,000 and help those in the sector prepare for wildfires, flooding, and heat waves by setting up exterior sprinklers, using flood-resistant equipment, or indoor cooling systems.

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