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BaySaver Technologies Introduces New Storm Water Filtration Unit
BaySaver Technologies, an Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) company, has launched the Barracuda™ S4, a high-performance hydrodynamic separator that removes sediment and other debris from storm water run-off, further protecting water resources. The Barracuda S4 is designed with revolutionary, patent pending internal” teeth,” that mitigate turbulence in the storage chamber to prevent re-suspension of captured contaminants.
"Evolving requirements related to stormwater management have created demand for a more complete treatment methodology,” stated Joe Chlapaty, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at ADS. “This innovative addition to our BaySaver line meets that need and extends our commitment to providing holistic and cost-effective water management solutions for our customers.”
The Barracuda S4, is designed to be used in a single manhole configuration and offers multiple pipe configurations, flexible inlet/outlet positioning, quick installation, easy inspection and maintenance.
Source : BaySaver Technologies