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Bazooka Farmstar Unveils Enhanced Manure Pump and Agitation Trailers at World Pork Expo

Bazooka Farmstar, a leading provider of innovative agricultural equipment, is thrilled to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products just in time for the highly anticipated World Pork Expo. Introducing the 42' and 52' Outlaw force-feed trailer and the Renegade 2 agitation trailer, these cutting-edge solutions will revolutionize the industry with their exceptional performance and advanced features.

On Monday, June 5, Bazooka Farmstar will officially introduce the 42' and 52' Outlaw Force-Feed Trailer and the Renegade 2 Agitation Trailer to the public. Demonstrating its dedication to innovation, Bazooka Farmstar has designed these trailers to pump and agitate the deepest lagoons, pits, and slurry storage with outstanding efficiency. These agitation and pump trailers are ready to maximize operations with over 4,000 GPM and 10-inch plumbing.

Bazooka Farmstar will showcase the 52' Outlaw and Renegade 2 at the highly anticipated World Pork Expo in Des Moines from June 7-9. Visitors to the event will have the exclusive opportunity to witness these groundbreaking products in action and experience their exceptional capabilities firsthand.

Source : Bazooka Farm Star

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EASYFIX Slurry Technology - The Next Generation in Slurry Management Systems

Video: EASYFIX Slurry Technology - The Next Generation in Slurry Management Systems

EASYFIX Slurry technology injects compressed air into the slurry at specific points via non-return valves. The oxygen that flows through the valve creates a bubble and as it rises through the slurry it helps to break it down and ensure that it remains in a liquid state.

The primary benefit of EASYFIX Slurry Technology is that it is proven to reduce ammonia emissions by 51%1. Conversely, it assists greatly in the increased production of nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) in the slurry. The liquid state which the slurry finds itself in eliminates the need for agitation which, crucially, makes for safer environments for both animals and farmers alike.

With increasing regulations on farming practices such as nutrient management, farmers need to maximise the efficiency of their manure and rely less on the use of artificial fertilisers. EASYFIX Slurry Technology benefits farmers in their quest for lower emissions, reduced carbon footprint and increased slurry nutrients, while savings on artificial fertilisers will help improve overall farm-profit.

What our Customers Say..

“I have two tanks with EASYFIX Slurry Technology and one which doesn’t. I’ve been able to compare the slurries and there is no question that the aerated slurry is way better. I’m saving big money on fertiliser too. The cost of it is going up and regulations are going to prohibit the use of it in future so you have to get more value from your slurry. On top of that, it’s safer because I don’t need to agitate it, I’m able to grow more grass and it’s good for the environment.”