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Big Win For Kenney In Battle Against Carbon Tax

The Alberta Court of Appeal has sided with the Government of Alberta in their battle against the Carbon Tax.
A 4-1 decision today concludes legislation that brought in the Carbon Tax (Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act) does in fact erode provincial jurisdiction.
The Alberta Government argued that climate change wasn't a national issue that required the federal government to step in, while the feds believe climate change is a national or even a global concern, that is too big for any one province to tackle individually.
The Canadian Tax Payers Federation says they believe this is an unprecedented win for the Alberta Government. 
“This is a big win for taxpayers in Alberta and across Canada,” said Franco Terrazzano, Alberta Director for the CTF. “The carbon tax is all economic pain without the environmental gain and it’s great to see Alberta’s courts ruling against Ottawa’s heavy-handed and unconstitutional carbon tax.”
Both the Saskatchewan and Ontario Courts of Appeal ruled with the Federal Government in their battles against the carbon tax last year.
The Supreme Court of Canada will hear Saskatchewan's appeal of its provincial court decision in the spring.
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