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Building Your Management Bench" with Wayne Brozek

In this focused session "Building Your Bench", former dealer executive Wayne Brozek digs into the ins and outs of identifying, preparing and executing a program that builds your management bench. As the founder of dealer performance group WB Global, Brozek works with dealers to help improve their operations, leadership skills and more.

During this session Brozek shares how a bench strength building program will help your dealership focus on nurturing employees to prepare them for future leadership demands. He says you need to start by assessing talent and identifying the key skills and success factors that are needed for each position. Once you identify high-potential talent, you need to provide tailored training, mentoring and opportunities for growth.

Brozek says dealers must provide monitoring, evaluation and transparent communication to ensure alignment with the goals of both company and employees. By prioritizing talent development and proactive planning, organizations can cultivate a resilient workforce capable of meeting the hiring and retention challenges dealers have faced and long-term solutions for the dealership.

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