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Call-To-Action to Make a New Sustainability Index a Reality for Canada’s Agri-Food Sector

Momentum is building to establish Canada’s first agri-food sustainability index. A private–public coalition of thirty-four diverse partners has released the Business Case for Establishing the National Index on Agri-Food Performance to affirm Canada’s agri-food leadership in a more demanding food world.

There is a global race to reduce environmental impacts, meet net-zero-emission targets, and improve health and societal outcomes. Proof of sustainability is increasingly required to compete at home and abroad in an industry that is expected to show progress on these pressing matters.

As other countries position themselves to respond to these same global priorities, Canada can seize the initiative and demonstrate its rightful place as one of the most sustainable and responsible food systems in the world. The proposed national index will provide the rigour needed to demonstrate the Canadian agri-food sector’s role in combating climate change, enhancing food security and confirming meaningful environmental and socio-economic improvements across the Canadian food system.

Presenting internationally accepted credentials is critical to grow and protect market share and project a stronger presence on the international stage. Showing that ingredients and value-added foods are sustainably-produced is vital to build greater trust in the domestic and global marketplace, alike. Moreover, credible benchmarking is key to inform and align policy and strategy.

The index would be housed in a newly proposed Centre for Agri-Food Benchmarking, a neutral and authoritative body with shared private–public leadership and governance. The centre would enable stakeholders to collaborate and prepare an integrated picture of sustainability from farm to retail. Its work would be based on science-driven and verified indicators and be informed by sectoral benchmarking work and national statistics.

“This sustainability index should become Canada’s signature response for a society and marketplace that increasingly values transparency and accountability for how food is produced”, says David McInnes, the coalition’s coordinator. “We want Canada to be known here and abroad as the trusted source of food.”

The coalition now seeks further feedback from stakeholders and to broaden its representation as well as identify the optimum path to financially support the project by the fall. The intent is to publish the index by late 2022.

Source : CFC

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U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan | Made by Producers for Producers

Video: U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan | Made by Producers for Producers

Join Jill Brokaw, a third-generation pig farmer and staff member of the National Pork Board, as she dives into the vital role of the US Swine Health Improvement Plan, also known as US SHIP. The program establishes a national playbook of standards for monitoring African swine fever and classical swine fever.

Why Should Pork Producers Care? If a disease breaks out, officials will establish a control area to help contain the disease. This plan is designed to mitigate risk and demonstrate freedom of disease at the site level. The goal is to support business continuity outside of the control area in case of an outbreak.

How Will the Pork Industry Use US SHIP? US SHIP uses already existing programs to support the standards for biosecurity, traceability and disease surveillance.

Biosecurity: This plan uses your completed Secure Pork Supply plan to demonstrate compliance with the biosecurity program standards and shows your ability to reduce the risk of disease introduction.

Traceability: AgView can be used to demonstrate compliance with the traceability standards and the ability to electronically provide State and Federal agencies the traceability information they need to determine where disease is and isn’t.

Disease Surveillance: The Certified Swine Sampler Collector Program helps expand the number of people certified to take samples. In the event of a large-scale foreign animal disease outbreak, we will need a trained group of sample collectors to help animal health officials find where the disease is present. This is to help you demonstrate freedom of disease and support the permitted movement of animals.

Getting Started with US SHIP:

1. Enroll in U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan

2. Share 30 days of movement data

3. Have a completed Secure Pork Supply Plan

4. Become U.S. SHIP certified

5. Maintain communication with your state

Takeaway: U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan helps safeguard animal health. Together, we're creating a sustainable future for pork production in the United States and taking steps to strengthen the business of U.S. pork producers everywhere