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Canola Advancing Past Critical Stage

The Canola Council of Canada is providing an update the Manitoba canola crop.
"It's starting to look a lot better," said Agronomy Specialist Justine Cornelsen. "I think a lot of the crop across the province has moved out of that real severe flea beetle feeding. There was reports scattered throughout the province of some pretty aggressive feeding. We had some frost events, some hail events, some excess moisture, which put stress on the crop. We also had really dry conditions up in the north and windy conditions where we had canola shearing off. I think we're hopefully past that and now that we've got some moisture throughout, we're getting the crops advancing past that four leaf stage, past that real critical window flea beetle feeding."
Cornelsen estimates that up to five per cent of Manitoba canola acres may have been reseeded this spring due to a mix of conditions.
She says high winds were a concern, as the top few inches of soil were dried out in many cases which led to the seed being dried out. It's also been tough getting in with the the first pass of herbicide.
Sclerotinia will be the disease of concern going forward.
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