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Carthage to Host Swine Conference September 9

Register today for Carthage Veterinary Service's 24th Annual Swine Conference, to be held Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 on the scenic campus of Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. This conference is known for providing quick-fire sessions with cutting-edge information to implement the day after the conference. It is designed to provide focused breakout sessions on Breed-to-Wean, Wean-to-Market, and CEO/Management in order for attendees to hone in on their interests. The conference features internationally renowned speakers and allows for networking with peers and allied industries, making this meeting a "must attend" for the industry!

This year’s theme of “Focus on Success” will offer over 30 successful speakers to present information about the economic, social, and environmental issues that shape our businesses. Dr. Roy Kirkwood from Australia will speak about optimizing reproductive performance. Dr. Roger Campbell from Australia will talk about managing heat stress through nutrition and swine welfare. Dr. Gonzalo Castro from Chile will focus on motivating a world class production team and key performance indicators.

Speakers like Drs. Ron Plain, Kent Schwartz, Paul Sundberg, and Larry Firkins will present information about disease, market outlook, and management of production, people, and processes. The latest information on PEDV epidemiology and management will be discussed. Dr. Noel Williams will anchor the program this year with the keynote address "Developing Success in the Swine Industry for Longevity." Dr. Williams will use his industry experience with PIC and Iowa Select to discuss continuous success in pork production.

Source: AASV

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