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Catch and release to continue for 2019 Atlantic salmon recreational fishery in the Gulf Region

Moncton, New Brunswick - Atlantic salmon is a species of social, cultural and ceremonial importance throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) announced today that mandatory catch and release management measures for the Atlantic salmon recreational fishery remains in place for 2019 in the rivers draining into the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence
The decline of Atlantic salmon is a serious concern and continues to be the subject of significant research. DFO continues to invest in science while working with Indigenous groups, our partners, and those involved in recreational fisheries to offer sustainable solutions for Atlantic salmon in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Management measures for the 2019 recreational fisheries in the Gulf region are informed by science advice, input from the recreational fisheries advisory committee, along with results from an annual online public consultation.
DFO remains committed to better understanding this species with the goal of protecting Atlantic salmon now and for future generations.
Source : Government Of Canada

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