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CFA Welcomes Liberal Minority Government

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is welcoming the Liberal party back into office.
The group released the following statement:
"The Canadian agriculture sector is a key driver of economic growth for Canada, a source of significant carbon sequestration potential, and a fundamental contributor to Canadians' food security. This should be a key priority for the new government, regardless of political ideology and the CFA looks forward to working with the Liberal party to help the Canadian agriculture sector thrive, and bring these benefits to all Canadians" said CFA President Mary Robinson.
"We would also like to welcome all new Members of Parliament and those returning. We look forward to working with them to help raise the profile of Canadian agriculture and generate greater awareness regarding the critical role agriculture plays in Canada's economy. Our election campaign this year was entitled, 'Producing Prosperity in Canada', and this campaign message will be continuing on into the new year - that Canadian Agriculture provides economic growth, food security and environmental stewardship for all of Canada," Robinson added.
Robinson also noted "We have many Canadian Agriculture issues that require swift and thoughtful political oversight - ranging from trade disruptions in key markets and business risk management tools to climate change mitigation and adaptation - and we hope that this new government will ensure that our sector is a top priority".
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