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Corn Harvest Continues Into January

Manitoba farmers are continuing with the corn harvest.
Morgan Cott is with the Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA).
"Guys have still been plugging away as long as they can in the field since there's no snow," she said. "We are able to drive through the field, so as long as it's not too cold during harvest then they'll go for it just because the cold will be harder on the equipment and also for drying, it just makes it extremely difficult."
In her discussions with Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), Cott reveals that there's still about 100,000 out of 416,000 acres of grain corn remaining in the field across the province. About 20 per cent of silage corn also remains in the field.
She notes grain corn is averaging about 126 bushels per acre in Manitoba to this point, which is not far off from previous years.
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