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Corn, Sunflower Planting Wrapping Up

For the most part, sunflower planting in Manitoba is complete.

Morgan Cott is an agronomy extension specialist with the Manitoba Crop Alliance.

"I think that they're pretty well wrapped up. I know that some got planted last week, which is normal for sunflowers in mid-May to get planted. There's some poking through the ground now, so they're ready to go and have some good conditions for growing now."

Cott says corn planting is also wrapping up.

"Some of the early stuff is at the first leaf collar, so V1, that would have been planted at the very end of April, early May...This year plants emerged a lot faster than they do on a normal year. Usually when we're planting on May 1 or May 5, it takes to May 21st or so to emerge and this year it was only taking probably a couple weeks to get out of the ground in the typically cooler conditions."

She notes now is the time to start looking for insects such as cutworms.

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