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Crop development advancing quickly with the warmer weather

Manitoba Agriculture's weekly crop report shows 97 per cent of the provincial crop has been seeded, that's slightly ahead of the five-year average of 96 per cent.

Provincial Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange is reporting good emergence on spring cereals and field peas, spring cereals are at that one to four-leaf stage with some herbicide spraying underway.

"When we look at some of the oilseeds right now, the sunflower growth stage is in that V1 to V2 growth stage. Canola early on in the one to two-leaf stage. Some producers have made some comments about canola sitting in some dry soil so in some regions, they could use some additional rainfall. When you look at the soybean planting it's about 99 per cent complete around the province and some of the beans are in the ground anywhere from that unifoliate to the early first trifoliate stage.  Dry bean planting is pretty much complete as well. There's been some reasonably good emergence, but some growers did have to plant a little bit deeper in that inch and quarter to two-inch range. So, producers just need to be a little patient there."

Field peas are at that 4th to 6th node stage, corn is in good to excellent condition at the one to the five-leaf stage for some of the earliest seeded fields, while most flax crops are in stage 4 to very early stage 5.

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