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Dairy Defines Sustainability, Land O'lake's Kappelman Says

Sustainability is shaping the U.S. dairy industry’s future, making it better equipped to make sure the world has the nutrition it needs, says Pete Kappelman, a longtime dairy farmer and Land O’Lakes’ Senior Vice President of Member and Government Relations.

“U.S. dairy farmers are deeply involved and concerned about the many communities that they touch. And that starts with producing a safe, nutritious, affordable food, but it also includes things like being good stewards of the land, for the good of the planet,” as well as being able to pass a farm down to future generations, said Kappelman in a Dairy Defined podcast released today. “In order to feed a growing population, we’ve got to work together across continents, across cultures and markets to make abundant nutritious food available so everyone can realize their full potential.”

Kappelman also discusses industrywide sustainability commitments and Land O’Lakes Venture 37, which delivers market insights and technical expertise to agricultural development projects worldwide.

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