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Empowering women in agriculture is important to the world: Ingrid Fischer

Fertilizer Canada is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) and the ways the industry is supporting the rise of female influence in the agriculture sector.
Recently, Fertilizer Canada and the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada), made a joint commitment to increasing food security using climate smart methods for smallholder farmers in developing countries, with a focus on reducing barriers for women. Our association is pleased to see a commitment to supporting gender equality reflected in the Canadian federal budget and looks forward to seeing an increase in support for women in our sector through our efforts
and the efforts of other organizations.
Ingrid Fischer, Director, Business Development with the CDF Canada, works closely on issues of gender equality and female development. Below are her thoughts on the importance of supporting women in agriculture in developing countries, and also here in Canada.
Q: Tell us about your career in the agri-food sector and how you came to be Director of
Business Development with CDF Canada.
A: I grew up on a family farm in northern British Colombia, so I have always been acutely aware of where our food comes from and the effort that goes in to producing it: the joys and sometimes heart break of producing food.
Early in my career at the edge of the agriculture industry as a credit union manager, I did a volunteer stint overseas with what is now CDF Canada. This got me hooked on international development.
Working overseas I saw first-hand the tremendous impact that could be made in food
productivity, nutrition, education and general household wellbeing by having investments in agriculture. I also saw that relatively small investments in capacity building and agriculture can have huge impact at the household level. 
Source : Fertilizer Canada

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