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Exploring the Basics of John Deere ExactApply

Agricultural producers know how important it is to ensure that they know exactly where their product is going when they spray it out onto the field. Inaccuracies can result in a lack of coverage and a waste of product at the end of the day. John Deere has revolutionized what it means to treat fields with ExactApply. More agricultural producers are learning about the benefits of it and fine-tuning the way they tackle everyday work. Best of all, they are boosting their efficiency while being able to maintain their bottom line.

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What is John Deere ExactApply?

John Deere ExactApply is an individual nozzle control system. Available on Deere sprayers, it gives operators the chance to maintain a consistent droplet size and pattern across their field. As the operator changes speed, the system makes automatic adjustments to reduce overlap, skips, and drifts. The ultimate goal is to ensure that users are able to cover their entire field.

With individual nozzle control, operators can vary rates across the boom. This eliminates potential overlaps and skips. The output of each nozzle can be finetuned down to the 15-20” nozzle spacing. John Deere ExactApply also maintains a consistent droplet size and rate as operators change speed. Higher Pulse Width Modulation expands the operating range of each nozzle, regardless of the speed.

There is also no need to slow down or change nozzles to achieve the desired rate. Compared to other models on the market, John Deere ExactApply has a 6-25% increase in flow through the nozzle outlet, allowing operators to cover more ground in less time. The Nozzle Switching feature lets operators switch between two pre-positioned nozzles as they work to adjust to changing conditions. Changing from a smaller or larger droplet size can be done with a single touch of the screen from the cab. The sprayer Turn Compensation feature automatically varies the rate across the boom while making sure that operators are spraying at the proper rate. At headlands, the nozzles on the outer ends will spray faster than those closest to the sprayer to make up for the difference in speed.

Some added benefits of this John Deere offering include its LED lighting, programmable rates via a nozzle, and air induction nozzle compatibility. There is also a key fob for nozzle diagnostics, and solenoid fault detection incorporated into the system. Overall, customers will reap the benefits of being able to apply liquid nitrogen at a wider range of speeds. With John Deere ExactApply, operators have the utmost control over their precision and productivity.

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