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Case IH Announces New 2000 Series Early Riser Planter

Case IH has announced their revolutionary, new 2000 series Early Riser Planter

This series features an all-new row unit, and is designed for high-speed planting and precise placement in order to get fast, uniform emergence of crops.

Tony McClelland, the planter marketing manager for Case IH says that the new planter has out-yielded the competition. Whether being used for planting straight rows or on a contoured field, the Early Riser planter stays consistently accurate.

Case IH Early Riser Planter

This planter series is built with heavy duty cast components, large Earth Metal blades that ensure durability, trailed gauge wheels with soil-relief grooves, larger inverted closing disks to provide gentle seed coverage. The offset design of the machine allows for the leading opener to cut through tough residue, and the self-adjusting mud scrapers provide consistent performance even in wet or heavy soils. The electric meter allows each row unit to act as a single row planter, which means that each row is able to react automatically to its own conditions, ensuring a more accurate placement of seeds, and the streamlined design of the series allows for easier maintenance and more simplicity when planting.

Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser Planter

In-cab controls allow for complete customization of the Early Riser planter. Producers have the option of choosing between the total planter control of Advanced Seed Information, which is available with a single screen through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 display, or the FieldView with 20/20 SeedSense.

Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser Planter

The Early Riser 2150, which is the first of the new models, will debut at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville in February, and has been recognized with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers AE50 award for 2016. The first models will include 12, 16 and 24 row 30 inch front fold machines, and will be available for the 2017 planting season.

While some other planters offer certain components, the 2000 series Early Riser planter is the only one that has been designed to integrate Precision Planting technology with the industry’s best row unit, allowing for a consistent planting, uniform germination and an earlier emergence of crops.

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