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Jolley’s Farm Toys

When farming is in your blood and always will be

Jolley’s Farm Toys has been in operation since 1966 and is still going strong today as a trusted retailer of farm toys, replicas and children’s toys.

Ralph Jolley had a childhood fascination with replica toys, and growing up on a farm expanded this fascination to include replica farm toys. He founded the store in 1966, under the name Jolley’s Cycle & Hobby. When the Jolley’s Cycle & Hobby store doors opened in 1966, the store did offer some farm toys.

However, it wasn’t until around ten years later in the late 1970s, that Ralph really began his collection. When he discovered some rare and discontinued toys, his wife persuaded him to keep a few of them. His collection over the years grew to include thousands of rare diecast and farm toys. Ralph felt that, “Farming’s in my blood and always will be” and his replica farm toys were a way of expressing his love of the farming.

Jolley's Farm Toys

Throughout the years, Jolley’s diecast offerings expanded as new lines were introduced. They also offered an extensive stock of discontinued items, and products that were beyond replicas and diecast. What makes Jolley’s Farm Toys so impressive is their extensive variety of toys. Jolley’s Farm Toys offers complete lines from major manufacturers, as well as more construction toys than can be found in other stores.

In early 2014, Nicholas Grose bought the company. He takes great pride in carrying on the vision that Ralph Jolley had for the company. When Nick bought the company, he decided to move the store from the original location in Meaford, Ontario to his own property that is located just south of Arthur, Ontario. Nick, who also has a strong agricultural background, has been a collector of farm toys from a very young age.

Nick looks forward to meeting with other collectors, in order to help them expand their collections, as well as continuing to collect and add to the Jolley’s Farm Toys collection.

The physical store is closed from December 25th until January 2nd, but the online store will be open and shipping orders once per week during the holiday season.

Jolley’s Farm Toys is located approximately 5 kilometres south of Arthur, Ontario on Highway 6 and Sideroad 9.

For more information, or to visit the online store, please visit

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