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Fermented Soybean Meal For Weaned Pigs

Soybean meal contains a variety of anti-nutritional factors which limit its inclusion into the diets of young piglets. It has been shown that fermentation of soybean meal (fSBM) eff ectively removes trypsin inhibitors, oligosaccharides and phytic acid and improves digestibility of nutrients, including amino acids.

These improvements however, are not consistently observed (Song et al. 2010), and work is required which determines reasons for the variability among fSBM produced from different plants. Preliminary results from this
research project indicate pigs receiving approximately 17% HP5010 fSBM in their diets had reduced body weight relative to the pigs receiving a comparable amount of a commercial SBM product, Hamlet 300.

Fermented Soybean Meal for Weaned Pigs (View pdf)

Source : Prairie Swine Centre