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Flax Seed Could Be In Short Supply This Spring

The Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA) held its AGM last week at CropConnect.
Chair Eric Fridfinnson commented on last year's crop.
"We have about an average size of a flax crop," he said. "There's a fair bit of flax that's of lower grades because of bad weather last fall but certainly for the individuals that have top quality flax they've got a real good commodity on their hands that's worth a lot of money. Right now we see people paying $14 per bushel for that best stuff and it's a good opportunity."
Fridfinnson talked about flax acres for 2020.
"Acres were up about 10 per cent last year. As long as we have enough seed available I think we're going to see a bit of an increase again. I've been talking to some people in the seed business and apparently they've doing brisk trade, so if people want some flax they should probably go and get it as soon as they can."
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