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KAP launches rural connectivity survey

KAP launches rural connectivity survey

The Keystone Agricultural Producers want to know how your Internet and cell service is

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How good is your cell service and Internet? The Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) want to know. The organization launched a survey aimed at residents of rural Manitoba on Feb. 19.

“It's a series of about 14 questions that we're using to try to find out what service is like, both for Internet and cell service, for people in the rural communities and what kind of problems they have to overcome,” said Sam Connery-Nichol, a director with KAP.

Rural residents can access the survey online until March 31. KAP encourages anyone who lives in rural Manitoba to take the survey. The organization wants to get as many people as possible complete the survey so KAP can have better data to use.

“We'll compile that data and hopefully be able to take some hard numbers to government and industry,” Connery-Nichol said to

KAP wants to highlight why Manitoba must acquire a basic level of Internet and cell service across the province.

“I feel like, in this day and age, everyone should have access to both of those things,” Connery-Nichol said.

In emergency situations, not having cell service can be a huge safety concern, she said. Due to the lack of Internet speed, a lot of rural communities are missing out on many opportunities, she added.

As of Feb. 21, over 300 people had completed the survey. It takes roughly three minutes to complete, depending on how long your answers are, said Connery-Nichol. The question format ranges from clicking a box to answer the question to typing out your answers.

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