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Food Banks Canada Welcomes the Federal Government’s Investment for Surplus Food

Food Banks Canada is extremely grateful to be selected to disseminate quality surplus food throughout our established, national distribution system, in partnership with the food banking network across Canada. Thanks to our existing cold chain capacity, food recovery programs and National Food Sharing System, we are well positioned to effectively deliver food in a safe and timely manner from coast to coast to coast.
Since 2010, as a system, Food Banks Canada has sourced and shared almost 1.5 billion pounds of food and has shared over $100 million in funding to help maximize collective impact and strengthen local capacity of food banks, all while advocating to address the systemic issues related to poverty and ultimately reducing the need for food banks.
“We are very grateful for this investment by the federal government. It leverages the deep supply chain expertise and knowledge the food banking network has, thereby helping those in Canada experiencing food insecurity in the most efficient manner.” says Chris Hatch, CEO, Food Banks Canada. “We are thankful for the opportunity to build deeper partnerships within the agri-food system as well as helping ensure that highly nutritious, available food feeds people and that these resources are stewarded responsibly.”
Prior to Covid-19 and in addition to its food reclamation program, the food banking network purchased over $30M of fresh food such as produce, meat, dairy and core staples to round out the offerings of food banks. In fact, more than 40% of the food offered by food banks is fresh. With thanks to the generosity of Canadians, corporate donors and the Federal Government food banks are significantly increasing the amount of perishable foods with clients.
Food bank warehouse hubs exist in every province to safely receive, store, and distribute product throughout the food bank system. Each hub includes dry, refrigerated, and frozen storage.
Source : Food Banks Canada