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Food waste is just wrong

Dear Editor:
Why is the discussion of regenerative land practices not a priority around British Columbia as it is in many other agricultural areas?
I see some organic farmers using these practices here, but not enough.
Non-industry funded science is showing that biodiversity in living ecosystems prevents severe pest damage better than the industrial chemical or GMO (genetically modified organism) approaches.
Living soil in a living ecosystem will balance out the damage done to human crops, this is shown by science.
It’s time we started mimicking nature rather than fighting it (as the industry promotes, as it feeds their sales).
Part of the problem is the food waste encouraged by the commercial insistence on perfect products, as if nature were a factory production line.
I eat apples even if there is an imperfection, I don’t see why we can’t have a seconds bin for those of us happy to eat imperfect food rather than throwing it all in the garbage.
Food waste for aesthetics is just wrong when people go hungry.
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