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Goats being used to get rid of weeds around Wascana Centre

The Wascana Centre is bringing back a unique but effective tactic to deal with its weed problem.

Over 200 goats, coming from the Village of Elbow, will be allowed to walk the grounds from May 24th to June 1st and eat all the weeds they want. Around 100 goats were brought in last year and had a major impact in the area.

“We are pleased to welcome a herd of 200 local Saskatchewan goats to enjoy our tasty weeds,” said Don McMorris, the Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission. “Goat grazing allows us to reduce the spread of invasive plants without the use of chemical herbicides and machinery.”

One goat is expected to eat around 10 pounds of weeds daily, meaning the roughly 200 goats will be able to get rid of around a tonne of pesky plants every day.

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