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Harvest progress just behind the five year average in Saskatchewan

MELFORT, Sask. — Producers made the most of the hot dry weather by combining as much as possible before rainstorms rolled through the province on the weekend.

Harvest progress is now sitting at five per cent, just behind the five-year average of eight per cent.

There was rain in every region this past week with multiple storms bringing rain, hail, and wind. The most precipitation was in the Humboldt area where one crop reporter recorded 83 mm. The Broadview area received 65 mm, the Vanguard area 30 mm, the Saltcoats area 49 mm and the Conquest and Dinsmore areas received between one mm to six mm.

The southwest is leading harvest with 17 per cent of their crop now in the bin, followed by the west-central with eight per cent.

Rosetown area farmer, Jim Wickett, said he’s just nicely getting started.

“I’m about 20 per cent done. I’ve done some red lentils and a little bit of barley, so I’ve gotten a little taste of what’s out there,” Wickett said. “The dry weather is what you’re looking for but maybe not quite as hot.”

Wickett is concerned about how the heat will impact the grain once it’s in storage. He said even when it’s in the bin he is still nervous.

“I could use high 20’s, not mid 30’s. When it’s mid 30’s you’ve really got to watch that stuff. If there’s any kind of moisture at all, you’re going to have issues,” he said. “I put some barley in the bin when it was 35. I’m supposed to have a truck coming up tomorrow to take some to the feedlot so hopefully we’ll suck the top off a few bins and cool them down.”

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