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Harvest reaches 15 to 20 percent in parts of Southeast Sask.

Harvest is estimated at 15 to 20 percent in the Weyburn area of southeast Saskatchewan.
The regional crops specialist in Weyburn, Sherri Roberts, says combining has been delayed in recent days by rainfall.
She expects crop production to be average to above average despite a dry start to the growing season in the southeast.
She has heard of some yields of peas in the 30 to 35 bushels an acre range south of Weyburn in the Tribune area.
Roberts says hay yields are a big disappointment and are well below normal.
Roberts says farmers are looking for warm, dry weather to get back in the field and resume combining operations.
Harvest is just getting underway in the Watrous district, about 175 kilometers northwest of Regina.
The regional crop specialist in Watrous, Michael Brown, says recent moisture has dampened harvest field work.
He anticipates normal crop production for the 2019 harvest.
Brown says crops are about a week behind normal development.
He says lack of moisture, hail and flea beetles have been main causes of crop loss during the growing season.
Harvest in parts of the southwest is at a temporary halt due to recent rainfall.
The regional crop specialist in Swift Current, Shannon Chant, says harvest is in the early stages in her region.
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