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Harvesting underway in southern Sask, many farmers still waiting in more northern communities

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. — Many farmers in southern Saskatchewan have started their harvest but the same can’t be said for those who work farther north.

Nearly all farmers who work north of Saskatoon are still waiting for their crops to be in a prime position for harvesting.

“We’ll probably be starting fall desiccation next week and combining is, minimum, two weeks away,” said Kerry Peterson, a Shellbrook area farmer who explained this isn’t unusual.

Despite this, he’s pretty optimistic about this year’s harvest.

The longer farmers wait, the more challenges can pop up.

“We’ve had early frost in August which has hurt the yields, canola is the big issue as it’s still not ripe enough to combine,” added Don Blocka, who farms near Prince Albert.

Dry crops are the goal for farmers. This makes it easier to store, helps avoid the chances of mold, reduces waste, and improves the quality of the crops.What can change that rather quickly is the weather. Crops are at risk of being destroyed by hail, while wet conditions can push back harvest starting dates.

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